A patient cam to see us unhappy with her discoloured teeth and crooked smile.  She was 12 years old and wnated to know what could be done to help her feel confident again.

On assessement she had mild overlapping or crowding of her upper front teeth, with her upper right canine positioned too far near the gum line.  This gave the appearance of an uneven smile.  She also had generalised discolouration of her teeth which she was unhappy about.

To help straighten her teeth one option could be fixed orthodontic braces.  This uses commonly called train track braces where brackets are normally placed on the outer surface of the teeth and starightened over a period of 1 -2 years depending on the severity of the crowding. A major draw back is being able to clean properly around the brackets and having to be careful of types of food being eaten as it can often get trapped around the brackets.  Another option would be to use the Invisalign clear braces system.  This uses a series of clear braces which means it is virtually invisible and are worn all day and night except for eating are changed every 2 weeks.  WIth each change of the aligner they incremently move your teeth in to the desired position.  As they are removable you can eat your usual foods and you can also brush your teeth properly.  So no more food trapping!

After straightening the teeth, professional teeth whitening can help to really freshen up the smile.  Professional teeth whitening is a safe and straight forward way of making an immediate impact to your smile.  Custom fit whitening trays are made specifically for tooth whitening.  The tooth whitening gel is then placed into the trays and they are worn for 40 minutes.  The process is repeated daily for 10-14 days to have maximum impact.  Another type of tooth whitening is the in-office system.  This is where a high concentration of whitening gel is placed on the teeth for an hour and the teeth are whitened by a few shades straight away.  A easy way for faster results.

Time Dental provides the Invisalign clear braces and tooth whitening sevice for patients in the Fleet, Farnham, Godalming and Farnborough area as well as surrounding areas in Surrey, West Sussex, Berkshire and Hampshire.