A patient came to see us at Time Dental in Farnham having eaten a nut and felt that a filling had dislodged from a tooth.  He did not experience any further pain so he left it a couple of weeks before coming to the practice with tenderness around the gum line.

On inspection of the tooth in question we found that he had actually broken the tooth.  He was not experiencing any pain from it as the tooth had already been root treated and so no nerve was present in the tooth.  The broken tooth however had a vertical fracture and now food was wedging into the crack causing pressure on the surrounding gum line.

Unfortunately the tooth could not be saved, so he discussed his options with cosmetic dentist Dr Rashid for replacing the tooth as there would be an unsightly gap when he smiled.  One option could be to have a partial denture which he was not too keen about.  Another option could be a dental bridge.  This uses the teeth on either side for support and can hold a tooth in between.  The tooth coloured types are often made of ceramic which is very strong.  However it does mean preparing the teeth on either side of the gap.  A further option is a titanium dental implant.  This is essentially a titanium root that replaces the root of the tooth that is to be removed.  In certain cases the implant can be placed on the day of extraction and a temporary crown can be placed.  Once the dental implant has fully integrated usually 12 weeks later the defiinitive crown can be placed. 

Dental implants are routinely placed at Time Dental and is a service that is provided for patients in the Surrey, Hampshire, West Sussex and Berkshire area.  See how we can help yo to restore your smile at Time Dental- Private dental care at it’s best.