A patient came to Time Dental to see how we could help him to smile again.  He had a number of crowns and bridges placed many years ago and a few of his crowns had fallen out.  His bridge also felt loose.  He wanted to know his options and how we could help him.  On further discussion we found that his previous diet was that of drinking lots of cola and eating sugary sweets. This lifetyle diet had now changed and he was looking to smile again with confidence.

On assessing his dental health.  All of his upper teeth had decay underneath the crowns and bridges.  Where the crowns had fallen out remained only stumps of decayed teeth.  Completely unrestorable.  We discussed his options:

1. The gold standard would be a dental implant fixed bridge.  This uses 6 dental implants and holds a fixed bridge in place that would help restore his bite and help him to smile with confidence.

2. An implant retained cosmetic denture.  This is a removable appliance that is supported by 4 implants that help to retain the cosmetic denture securely.

3. A cosmetic denture.  This is a removable appliance and aesthetically looks like normal teeth.

The first step would be to remove his decayed teeth and provide a temporary cosmetic denture while his gums healed.  Following that step the descision would need to be made as to whether the patient wanted something fixed or removable in the mouth.

Time Dental provides this dental implant service for patients in Farnborough, Camberley, Fleet, and Alton as well as the surrounding areas in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and West Sussex.

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