A patient came to Time Dental looking to improve her smile.  She was unappy that her smile was not straight.  She felt they were also discoloured and she did not like the appearance of a blue line around the gums of an old crown she had at the front of her mouth.

On further investigation, her smile was not straight because her canine tooth was out of line from her other teeth.  Her teeth did have a generalised discolouration and she reported that she drank alot of tea and coffee that stains your teeth.  The crown was over ten years old and was blue at the gum line due to the metal from under the crown showing through.  She also had three porcelain veneers at the front of her mouth which was previously fitted to correct the overlapping crowded front teeth.

In order to straighten her upper teeth especially the canine, there were a couple of options.  The first option was to use orthodontic adult braces to straighten the canine tooth.  Teeth can be straightened with fixed braces or removable Invisalign adult clear braces.  Another option could be to use composite bonding on the canine to lengthen it to bring it into alignment.  Both options are viable to achieve the desired result with the gold standard being the adult orthodontic braces.

Once the teeth had been straightened, professional tooth whitening can be carried out to freshen up the smile.  Professional teeth whitening is an easy safe way to make an immediate improvement to your smile.  One thing she had to bear in mind was that when teeth whitening, crowns,veneers and fillings stay the same shade while the natural teeth will whiten. Once the teeth had been whitened we could replace the old crown with an aesthetic all-ceramic crown which gives tbe best natural look and also replace the old porcelain veneers to match the new fresher whiter smile.

Time Dental provides teeth straightening and teeth whitening for many patients in the Farnham, Fleet, Aldershot, Farnborough and Winchester areas as well as the surrounding areas in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.