Latest statistics show that tooth whitening is a very popular service that most people are looking for from their cosmetic dentist.  This statistic is reflected in the number of people who have chosen to whiten their teeth at Time Dental.

A client came to see us at Time Dental who will be getting married in April.  She was always aware that her teeth were discoloured and stained but had not done anything about it.  Now that her wedding was approaching she really had that motivation to get it done!

We discussed her options of the different types of tooth whitening procedures; in-office and the professional tooth whitening kit.  The in-office tooth whitening system uses a high concentration of gel that can whiten your teeth by a few shades in one hour.  Some systems use a light source (sometimes called laser whitening) to activate the gel, and other systems use a chemical activation.  Both do the same job.

The professional tooth whitening kit involves placing the special tooth whitening gel in custom fit whitening trays.  The trays are then worn for 40 minutes per day.  It normally takes 10-14 sessions of professional tooth whitening to achieve a great result.  Some professional tooth whitening systems require you to wear the trays over night.  These types of sysytems use a lower concentration gel which is why they need to be worn for a  longer period of time.

If you are really pushed for time and you want the best and fastest result a combination of in-office and professional tooth whitening can really put a sparkle back into your smile.  Both systems are safe to use just make sure your teeth and gums have been assessed for health by your dentist before starting a course of tooth whitening.