A client came to see us to see if we could help her to straighten her front teeth.  She had just got married and had been looking through the wedding photos and noticed that her teeth were crooked when she smiled.  This really bothered her and she wanted to know what her options were for getting straight teeth.

She wanted to get her upper front teeth straight, and although her lower teeth were also crowded, this did not bother her so much.  She also wanted to get them straight as fast as possible.

We discussed all her options.  One option would be a specialist referal to an orthodontist for fixed braces.  She was not keen on this due to the look of having braces on and the fact that it would take between 1-2 years to complete treatment.  Another option could be Invisalign the clear aligner system.  This uses clear aligners that incremently move your teeth and are virtually invisible.  This again would take 1- 2 years to  complete.  A further option would be the Inman aligner.  This is a removable brace that although is not conpletely invisible, it can move teeth in a matter of weeks.

She was very interested in this option due to the speed at which it worked.  The aligner is worn between 15-20 hours a day and the secret is the gentle constant pressure it places on the teeth.  The Inman aligner is only used for the front four teeth, so it does have its limitations but it can make a huge difference in a very short time.