A patient came to the practice who was concerned about her uneven smile.  It had bothered her for a long time and needed to find a cosmetic dentist who would be able to help her.

On assessing her mouth, she was putting alot of pressure on her front teeth as she was missing a few of her back chewing teeth.  She also said that she bit her nails when nervous. 

One thing that is guaranteed to break and chip your front teeth is nail biting.  The first thing that we had to address is that if she could stop her nail biting habit we could restore her mouth and help her feel confident when smiling again.

She had a couple of options for restoring her teeth.  One option could be composite bonding.  Another option could be to use porcelain veneers to restore her smile.

Composite bonding is the most tooth conservative option. The teeth are minimally prepared under local anaesthetic so that the procedure is completely comfortable.  Composite bonding mimics the natural tooth so under the expert hands of your cosmetic dentist at Time Dental they will look like your natural teeth.  The process is easy for the patient and can have a huge impact in just one session.

In this case the patient opted for composite bonding, however porcelain veneers are also a fantastic alternative.