A client came to see us at Time Dental having broken his front tooth in an accident in Farnham.  He was also concerned about the overlapping crowded front teeth and wanted to know what his options were.

On visual inspection of his mouth, he had fractured his upper incisor horizontally and he also had quite a severe overlap of his upper front tooth.

There were a number of options for repairing his broken tooth.  The least invasive procedure is composite bonding.  This invloves adding composite white filling to the broken edge to restore the tooth back to the correct shape. 

A further option could be to veneer the tooth.  A porcelain veneer is a lab made bespoke restoration which is handcrafted by an expert master ceramist.  Veneers are very strong once bonded to the tooth and will last for many years.  They do not stain like composite fillings and are a great alternative to composite bonding. 

The last option is to crown the tooth.  A porcelain crown is again a handcrafted bespoke restoration by the ceramist.  It encompasses the whole tooth to provide all round protection of the broken tooth.  More preparation is required to provide space for the porcelain crown, but again this type of restoration will last many years.

After discussing all the options, the patient decided to go with composite bonding as he wanted to preserve as much of the original tooth as possible.

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