A client came to see us at Time Dental with throbbing tooth ache.  She had not been to see a dentist in a long time as she felt she had no problems with her teeth as they had not caused her any pain. 

On inspecting the tooth, she had a huge hole in the side of it which had reached the nerve which is in the middle of the tooth.  When decay gets this deep the options for this tooth is either root canal therapy or extraction.

Many people think that as they are not getting any pain from their teeth they must be ok so why bother seeing a dentist?  Unfortunately your body does not work that way.  You do not always get symptoms or pain from a tooth which has an underlying problem like decay.  Once you start getting pain from a tooth this often means that the problem is much deeper and can be more complicated to address.

So how do you know if you have decay in your mouth and how do you prevent it?  The best way to see if decay or other gum or mouth problems are present is to visit your dentist regularly.  At Time Dental we take photos of your mouth to help you understand what is happening and why.  We believe in a preventative dentistry approach which means identifying what factors in your lifestyle are making you more at risk of dental disease and giving the appropriate advice.  We can also spot things early and ensure your mouth stays healthy.

What happened to the lady with toothache?  Well she opted to save the tooth which meant root canal therapy.  This is not as horrific as it may seem.  Root canal therapy involves cleaning the inside of your tooth to the tip of the roots and then filling the void once the tooth has been disinfected.  A white composite filling was placed in the tooth to restore it to function.  If the original cavity is very large often a crown is recommended to protect the tooth from breaking.

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