If you were to do a survey on a person’s favourite things to do, visiting the dentist probably wouldn’t be in the top 5, or even top 10! Millions of people everyday suffer from odontophobia (the irrational fear of dental surgery), so if this is you then you are definitely not alone!  But the fact cannot be avoided that visiting the dentist is so important, so at Time Dental we strive to make our clients feel as at ease as we possibly can.  Local anaesthetic is in most cases essential when treating patients, although the thought of having it is what most of our clients fear. But they soon discover that after they have settled into our comfy chair, put the headphones on started listening to their favourite radio station or watching a DVD, their attention is diverted elsewhere.  Combine this with the bubble gum flavoured numbing gel we use on the gum before administering the anaesthetic, the outcome is that they didn’t feel a thing!

At Time Dental we understand dental anxiety and want more than anything for our clients to feel they are in control of their treatment, so everything is taken at a pace at which is comfortable. We want to provide gentle dentistry and we must be doing something right, as some of our patients have told us they actually look forward to their visit! 

“I no longer fear my dental appointments. Thankyou Dr Rashid and the team.”

S. Wardell