A tooth can become sensitive for a number of reasons.  A client came to Time Dental in Surrey with a slight throbbing ache from a lower molar tooth and it was also senstive to cold and hot drinks.  These are classic signs that a tooth is unhappy and the nerve within the tooth is causing the problem.  In this instance the tooth was heavily decayed around a large white composite filling.  The decay had become very close to where the nerve of the tooth was which was why it was giving the symptoms.  One option for this tooth could be to fill it with a white composite filling or an onlay. This tooth would then still be monitored as the nerve within the tooth maybe irreversibly damaged.  If the decay has already reached the tooth the options for this tooth would either be root canal therapy or extraction.  Most people would prefer to save their teeth and choosing root canal therapy is a good way of restoring the tooth so that you can chew properly again.  Root canal therapy involves cleaning where the nerve lies within the roots of the teeth and then filling the canals where the nerve used to be.  In most instances a crown is normally recommended to protect the remainder of the tooth. 

 A crown protects the whole tooth and allows you to chew properly.  They can be made of gold, metal ceramic or all-ceramic.  The tooth coloured options are obviously popular as they look like a normal tooth.