Time Dental on West Street is providing a unique way of supporting the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice.  Time Dental will donate £30 to the hospice for every tooth whitening treatment carried out.  “The Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice is such an important part of Farnham that we wanted to help support the great work they do,” says Dr Rashid of Time Dental, “when you use our professional tooth whitening kits, it feels good to know that your also helping to support a brilliant charity.  Tooth whitening is a very easy way of making a big difference to your smile.  The gel removes the stains built up by tea, coffee, red wine, coloured foods and even certain types of medicine.  Over-the-counter kits can be highly acidic and damaging to the teeth and gums, so always use a professional system.  There are two ways of tooth whitening, in-office or the professional kit.  The in-office tooth whitening system uses a high concentrated gel that boosts the shade of your teeth up to eight shades lighter in under one hour.  Some in-office systems use laser whitening, this is just a high energy light source that activates the whitening gel, you dont need to use a light source in other types of systems.  The professional kit involves providing custom fit trays that are loaded with the gel and placed in the mouth which are normally kept in over night.  Combining the two systems can give you the best results.”