Would you like to be 17 again!?  With responsibilities much less forgotten about, your worst worry is asking out that friend of a friend your going to see on Saturday night; and mum still pays for the dentists bill… I know I would!  Yet at the time we could barely see into next week let alone years down the line.

However, here we are.  The mortgage won’t pay itself and the kids’ baby teeth are costing the tooth fairy an arm and a leg!  Years of adverts of window cleaners drinking diet coke and Cadbury’s Milk Tray tempting teeth time after time… “my wisdom tooth is killing me!” I hear you cry… “but if I can just put off going to the dentist a bit longer, it might get better on its own and save me a hundred pounds..” – OR it might end up costing you twice as much!!

Well, it seems our friends at Time Dental have come up with a rather attractive solution.  Become a Time Member for just £17 per month which includes all of your likely yearly dental requirements from Hygienist visits to X-Rays; Check-ups to Emergency’s and more.  Furthermore, your £17 p.m. membership currently includes FREE Tooth Whitening for Life – So you can really turn back time and unleash the teen in you!

The Time Team are really pushing the boat out here.  They know the reputation dentists have had for years and this is proof of just one of the ways they are changing dentistry as we know it; with this membership you need never worry about a shock dentists bill again, and will have the confidence to treat your teeth the way they need to be treated… with time in hand.

Find out more about Time Membership here:  http://www.timedental.co.uk/membership.php