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Tateyama We know all too well the effects of smoking on our lungs, respiratory system and other vital organs.  We also often take the health and hygiene of our teeth and gum’s for granted… that is at least until something goes wrong.  In recent years, as we wise up to the trails and tribulations life throws at us, preventative treatments are becoming commonplace throughout the medical industry.  Yet, as far as teeth are concerned; we brush twice a day as recommended and for the most part, that is where it ends.

In all fairness, this is a good place to start.  However, when gum disease (Gingivitis) takes a hold, you’ll wish you had prevented it in the first place.  Periodontal Disease is the more developed (yet less talked about) version of Gingivitis.  The bacteria from Gingivitis spreads from the gum to the root of the tooth, it looks to set up camp, and if not treated quickly, the toxins from the bacteria will actually eat away at the gum surrounding the tooth making the tooth loose.

Nueva Imperial Going back to prevention, studies have proven that smoking has a direct relation to Periodontal disease.  In fact, experts have concluded that a person who smokes is 300% more likely to develop the disease than someone who doesn’t!  It gets worse still… the state-of-the-art treatments for Periodontal disease are much less effective on a smoker than a non-smoker.

The reason being, smoking actually prevents the gum’s from defending themselves from the bacteria, while also robbing the body of vital minerals and vitamins which help the immune system.  We know quitting is tough going – and I’m sure there are studies on that too – but with a dose of will-power and a dash of support from friends, this maybe one of the best reason yet to do so…

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