Forget about a white Christmas get white teeth instead!

November 26th, 2015

Before teeth whitening at Time Dental in FarnhamTeeth whitening at Time Dental in Farnham

I reckon its NOT going to be a white Christmas this year, but you can make sure you have whiter teeth for your Christmas and New Year parties.

Professional Teeth whitening is easily the most popular treatment to improve your smile. It’s absolutely safe when done correctly and you’ll get a great result. Check out the case above.

This was achieved with the Time Dental professional teeth whitening kit. The first step is to have your teeth assessed for FREE by our cosmetic dentist Dr Rashid. Once you have been given the thumbs up as suitable for teeth whitening, impressions of your teeth are taken to make your custom fit teeth whitening trays. After theses have been made, Dr Rashid will show you the steps for successful teeth whitening.

Get your teeth whitened with our Christmas whitening offer, or why not purchase some for a loved when as a Christmas present? Offer ends 22nd December.

What are you waiting for? Call us on 01252 723 008.

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Fleet Christmas Festival TODAY! Don’t miss it!

November 25th, 2015

Fleet Christmas festival- Time Dental , farnham news blog

Fleet have their Christmas festival today from 2-8pm on the high street.

Join the cast of Fleet’s Aladdin pantomime for the switch on of the Christmas lights at 6:30 pm. This year there are 3 stages packed with live music and entertainment.

There are over 100 Christmas market stalls, with delicious foodie presents, festive gifts, artisan craft, and delicious hot street food as well as a number of local based charity and community stalls.

Get a chance to catch a glimpse of Father Christmas before the 25th December.

Step inside a giant beautiful snow globe and have your picture taken by a professional photographer to capture the moment while you pay around in the snow!

Look out for the magical street performers from the University of Winchester, there’s also free childrens Christmas crafts.

Plenty to do!

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Farnham Christmas lights Saturday 21st November

November 20th, 2015

Christmas lights switch on in Farnham- news update from Time dental in Farnham

Don’t miss out on the family fun day this Saturday 21st November.

Farnham’s Christmas Lights Switch-on is taking place at the Gostrey Meadow between 1-6 pm. There will be live musical entertainment on stage. School children from the local area will be taking part singing Christmas songs and traditional carols, plus local theatre groups and bands will also offer fantastic festive themed performances.

To have a look at the exciting new line-up click HERE

Not long before Christmas now….I can’t wait!

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Honey…. Just as bad for your teeth as sugar

November 19th, 2015

Honey- sugar advice form Time Dental in Farnham, Surrey

I had a patient in the other day for a comprehensive health assessment. He told me his teeth had been deteriorating. When we discussed his lifestyle he told me he drank about 5-10 cups of tea a day. He was proud to tell me he had no sugar……only a teaspoon of honey in every cup.

When you think of honey, you think of nature, bee hives and bee keepers. He was astounded when I told him that this is one of the reasons his teeth are falling apart. Honey, although a natural sweetener is still a SUGAR. It’s a more complex molecular structure than refined granulated sugar  but your body responds to it as a sugar spike in the same way. If eaten to excess you’re at a high risk of diabetes, obesity and tooth decay.

Remember tooth decay is about lack of dental hygiene and frequency of sugar in take. This patient was taking sugar hits throughout the day so he was at a high risk of rampant tooth decay.

It’s all about moderation. If you would like to improve your lifestyle and need some top advice, then give us a call.

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John Lewis TV ad…. Christmas is on the way…..

November 12th, 2015

John Lewis ad for Christmas marks the Time Dental Christmas teeth whitening offer in Farnham

John Lewis have just released their festive season advert on TV. Christmas is now on the way! If you’ve not seen it yet, check it out on Youtube. It’s very moving.

Although we may not get a white Christmas like it shows on the advert, at least you can make sure your smile is white for the Christmas partys and family gatherings.

Time Dental are offering half price teeth whitening for the festive period only! After a FREE consultation with our dentist to ensure you are suitable, we will provide you with special custom fit teeth whitening trays and gel to help you smile this Christmas.

Professional teeth whitening by your dentist at Time Dental is the safest, efficient way of getting a natural result. Click on the link here to see some of our cases at Time Dental.

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Why is sugar so addictive? Time Dental in Surrey investigates…

November 5th, 2015

Why sugar is addictive- from Time Dental, Surrey

Why is it that many people often crave sugary foods like chocolate or cake?

When we eat food, glucose, which is a simple sugar that is absorbed through the gut and into the bloodstream, is distributed to cells around the body.

Glucose is important for the brain as it uses glucose as a source of fuel for the cells. These cells cannot store glucose themselves so they need a constant supply from the bloodstream. Eating sugar prompts the body to release the hormone seratonin. This is a hormone that makes you happy which is one of the reasons we turn to it when we crave comfort or when we celebrate.

This increase in sugar results in more insulin produced which helps to regulate the blood sugar levels, but can end up causing a sugar crash which results in making many crave more sugar, leading to a cycle of binge eating. Another problem is our bodies cannot tell when we have had enough of a certain type of sugar.

The NHS says that added sugars should not take up more than 10% of the engergy you get from food and drink each day. Thats approximately 70g a day for men and 50g a day for women. 13 teaspoons is approxiamtely 50g of sugar. To put that into context one can of fizzy pop has about 6 teaspoons of sugar.

It’s all about moderation and being more sugar aware. You can often work out how much sugar you’re consuming a day. It just takes a quick mental calculation!

For more information see HERE

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Teeth Whitening Festive Season Half Price Offer

October 23rd, 2015

Before tooth whitening at Time DentalAfter tooth whitening at Time Dental

The nights are certainly drawing in. Winter is approaching and so is Christmas! I cant wait. I love catching up with family and friends as well as enjoying the party season.

If you feel a bit glum because of the longer nights then how about treating yourself and freshening up your smile with our winter teeth whitening offer at Time Dental. Have a look at the pictures above at the difference it can make to your smile.

Professional teeth whitening is the gold standard for getting a great result. Custom fit whitening trays that are specially designed to seal the gel to your teeth give the best results.

Imagine beaming your whiter smile at the office party! Our half price Winter whitening offer is £195 and starts in November. It’s for a limited period only so we’re giving you advance notice to book now!

Call 01252 723 008

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What’s the point in dental hygienist therapy?… 7 reasons

October 15th, 2015

Dental hygiene therapy at Time Dental in Farnham, Surrey

The majority of the population are unaware of the benefits of regular dental hygiene therapy appointments. Many people think “it’s just scrape and clean”. This is entirely FALSE.

The mouth is full of bacteria. There are bacteria that are helpful and bacteria that are harmful. For example, plaque bacteria, is a harmful bacteria that can destroy the boney support of your teeth and result in tooth loss. When plaque bacteria becomes hard, this is known as tartar. One of the things your dental hygienist will do is carefully remove this harmful bacteria. Not only that, they will give you an individual plan to help you keep your dental health in top shape.

Regular dental hygiene therapy will help:

  • keep your breath fresh
  • ensure teeth look better, whiter and not stained
  • maintain strong foundations- keep your bone-keep your teeth
  • protect your existing teeth and fillings
  • improve general health- gum disease increases risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke premature births
  • reduce the need for more fillings /replace the ones you have
  • catch early potential life threatening conditions such as oral cancer

Now that direct access is available, which means you dont need to see your dentist first before seeing a hygienist, it’s even easier to make sure you look after your dental health.

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Antique Craft Fair near Alton, Hampshire

October 14th, 2015

Antique fair near Alton, Hampshire- blog news from Time Dental,

Chawton Antique, Vintage, Collectors and craft fair

This is a regular fair that comes to Chawton Village Hall, Winchester Road, Chawton GU34 1SD just up the road from the Jane Austen’s House Museum on the outskirts of Alton in Hampshire. It’s on the third Sunday of every month. Doors open at 10 am and entry is £1.

If you’re looking for something unusual, a collectable or an antique then you’re bound to find something here. You never know, the item that you bought for a few pounds maybe worth thousands!

Food is also available so why not make an afternoon of it? I might see you there.

Talking of antiques and vintage items, do you feel your smile is unusual and possibly vintage? Then drag it into the 21st centuary with a smile makeover!

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Government rejects sugar tax

October 8th, 2015

Jamie Oliver Sugar Tax- blog news from Time Dental in Farnahm

Even though over 140,000 people signed the petition organised by Chef Jamie Oliver for a sugar tax, the government decide to reject it.

Sugar related tooth decay is the number one admittance to hospital of children in the UK. The introduction of the sugar was just 7p per regular sized can of soft drink with added sugar. This tax would generate approximately £1 billion per year to treat health problems (eg diabetes, obesity and tooth decay) caused by sugar. 

The government’s response centred on obesity and omitted the other issues such as diabetes and dental health.

The British Dental Health Foundation are still on the case for campaigning for the sugar tax, so the fight’s not over yet……..

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