Things to do in Godalming- from Time Dental in Surrey

February 11th, 2016

Things to do in Godalming , Surrey form Time Dental your local dentist

We think being part of the community is important. That’s why at Time Dental, as your local “go to” Dentist we want to let you know what’s happening in your area.

Godalming is a picturesque town in Surrey, probably most famous for being the first town in the world to have a public electricity supply in 1881 powered by Westbrook Mill.

At the far end of the High Street you will notice the landmark building called the Pepperpot, you’ll also find the Godalming Museum which provides plenty of history of Godalming.

The River Wey winds through the town, which means there are fantastic walks along the riverside. Nearby there’s also the Winkworth Arboretum which is a National Trust woodland which looks attractive at anytime of year.

Godalming High Street has lovely independent shops to browse through. There’s also a popular Friday fruit and veg market located near Moss Lane.

There are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat why not indulge yourself?

Getting to Godalming is easy. By car its off the A3 London to Portsmouth trunk road. There’s plenty of parking at the Crown Court car park. Lots of bus routes will take you there too.

Come back to our blog to find out on further events happening in Godalming.

We provide private dental care for may patients in Godalming, so if you’re looking for a dentist you can trust. Drop us a line on 01252 723 008.

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Top tips from Time Dental to reduce your sugar intake…

February 5th, 2016

Sugar advice from Time Dental in Farnham, Surrey

You maybe aware of the great sugar tax debate which has been going on. If not, where have you been?

In a nut shell, the government have been debating whether it’s a good idea to introduce a sugar tax on certain beverages and foods. The NHS CEO has already stated that they will introduce a 20% tax on sugary drinks in all hospital cafes by 2020, producing an extra £20-40 million for the NHS. The initiative has been developed to help tackle the problem of obesity. Naturally there has been a great uproar from the food manufacturing companies saying that this will not deal with the problem.

I agree that it is not the only solution. However there’s a responsibility for food manufactures to look into their food production process as well as health care professionals to give the advice and facts. The sugar tax is just a small step, but it does make the public think about their sugar consumption. Not only to deal with Obesity problems, but also diabetes and dental health issues. At the end of the day it is all your choice, but its important to make an informed descision.

Here a some top tips from Time Dental to help you with reducing your sugar intake:

  1. Download the sugar app on your iPhone. By scanning the barcode on food products it will give you a quick calculation on how much sugar it contains.
  2. Eat whole fruits and savoury snacks rather than sweets, chocolates, cake and sweet biscuits.
  3. Cut out sugar from your tea or coffee. You could try artifical sweetners instead.
  4. Switch to whole grain breakfast cereal such as porridge, Weetabix, or Shredded Wheat. You could even add some fresh fruit to help count towards your five a day.

Moderation is key. Small changes to your diet will make a huge long term impact.

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NHS England to impose sugar tax in Hospital cafes

January 28th, 2016

sugar tax- blog news update from Time Dental in Farnham, Surrey

The NHS is to impose its own sugar tax in hospitals and health centres in England to help deal with the problem of obesity. An estimated 2/3 of adults in Britain are now overweight and bad diet has overtaken smoking as the biggest single cause of lifestyle-linked avoidable illnesses.

Simon Stevens the CEO has proposed a 20% tax on all sugary foods and drinks in NHS cafes to be introduced in 2020. He also said that MPs should take similar action and NHS staff should have a responsibility and lead by example. The tax, which will initially be on sugary drinks is expected to raise £20-40 million a year.

The boss of Unilever, one of the world’s biggest food manufacturers, has struck back saying that a sugar tax is a too simple solution that will not solve Britain’s obesity problem. Unilever make popular snacks such as Magnum, Ben and Jerrys and Cornetto ice-creams. Although Unilever oppose the sugar tax, they have pledged to reduce the calories in their single-serve ice creams and reduce the physical size of them.

I think big food manufacturers should be more responsible for the content of their products. I’ve been using an app on my iphone that scans the label of food products which gives the sugar content. I have been shocked by the amount of sugar in foods that you just wouldn’t think of having such a high sugar content, let alone have any sugar in them. I would welcome a sugar tax, it helps the public become more aware of what we eat. As a healthcare professional it’s our duty to give you the facts. At the end of the day it’s your choice but you need to be able to make an informed decision with all the facts to make that choice.

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Things to do in Camberley- Update from Time Dental

January 27th, 2016

Camberley updates from Time Dental in Surrey

As your local dentist to Camberley we think its important to be engaged with the community. That’s why Time Dental are keeping you in the know of what’s happening in your town:

Wednesday 10th February at 7pm. The Country Superstars Experience featuring Europe’s number 1 Dolly Parton tribute! The show also features Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Billie Jo Spears, Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson and John Denver. Come to watch your favourite Country music stars sig your favourite songs at the Hawth Theatre, Hawth Avenue.

Friday 12th February at 7.30pm. The Take That Tribute Night. £15 entry with a late bar and DJ until 1am. This event is being held at the Pine Ridge Golf Club.

Saturday 13th February at 10am. The Big Baby and Children’s Market on Martindale Avenue. If you fancy clearing out your clutter and making some cash then why not come to this event? If you have heaps of outgrown baby, children and maternity items or unused toys, rather than the hassle of flogging them on the internet just sell them here on a stall. Have a fun afternoon and recycle all unwanted items into cash.

Saturday 13th February at 7.30pm. Dinner with Buble. Treat your special better half with a Valentines dinner hosted by Michael Buble tribute. Enjoy a 3 course dinner, late night bar and Dj until 1 am. If you like you smooth swing and big band music, you do not want to miss this! Tickets are £38.50. The night is held at the Pine Ridge Golf club, Old Bisley Road.

Come back to our blog soon for further events in your area.

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Stuff to do in Farnborough, Hampshire- Time Dental update

January 20th, 2016

Farnborough updates from Time Dental in Farnham,Surrey

Being part of the community is important. That’s why at Time Dental, your local dental practice for Farnborough, Hampshire, we want to give you an update of what’s happening in your town.

Sunday 24th January, Pinehurst Car park hosts the Farnborough Car boot Sale. It starts at 10 am until 3:30pm. If you want to grab some bargains get there early! The entry fee is £5 from 10 am and 50 p after 11am.

Sunday 24th and Tuesday 26th January, Farnborough Weekly Market at the Queensmead shopping centre from 10am to 3:30pm. Perfect place for quality food at value for money prices.

Wednesday 27th January: Business Biscotii is a networking event for local businesses. It starts at 9:30am and finishes at 11:30am. A great place to meet like-minded business folk and make connections within the community. You can leave when you like, no pressure. It’s all about building trust and relationships. Come along and help to grow your business. It takes place at 74 Victoria road, Farnborough.

Friday 5th February: The comedy club Farnborough. Held at the Village Urban Resort Hotel at 8pm. Ben Van der Velde is your host comedian. Check it out if you fancy warming your cockles rather than freezing them this winter!

Sunday 21st February: Holiday Inn Wedding Fayre. If you’re planning your big day, why not get some great ideas at your local Wedding Fayre. The admission is free and is open from 11am-3pm at the Holiday Inn Farnborough on Lynchford road. Perfect advice from people for your perfect wedding day.

Come back soon for further updates of local events in and around Farnborough, Hampshire.

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Straight teeth by summer at Time Dental in Surrey

January 14th, 2016

before adult braces at Time Dental in Farnham, SurreyAfter clear adult braces at Time Dental in Farnham, Surrey


How does that sound? I know it’s very cold at the moment that’s why I need you to imagine the Summer. Smiling confidently as the sun shines down.  Does that sound a bit too far fetched?

Okay so maybe the sun shining down is a bit optimistic but having straight teeth by this summer could be a reality for you.

Have a look at the case above. This lady came to see me because she didn’t like her crooked teeth. After 7 months the results were amazing and she was over the moon.

At Time Dental we have different options to help you achieve your goal of feeling happy about smiling. We have removable braces and fixed clear braces options. 

How do they work so fast? The reason why they work this fast is that they use very gentle pressure. In fact the lighter the pressure the faster the teeth move! I know that may not seem to make sense but that is actually what happens.

Does it hurt when they move? For the first few weeks your teeth are often tender and sore because your teeth and cheeks are getting used to the appliance. But once you get passed this stage there is little discomfort. 

Whenever anyone is considering adult orthodontics, I always tell my patients to think of the end result, which is straight white teeth in just a few months. How good would that make you feel?

Call us now for a FREE consultation to see how we can help you on 01252 723 008

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Whats going on in Fleet, Hampshire- updates from Time Dental

January 13th, 2016

Fleet, Hampshire news from Time Dental in Farnham, Surrey

As your local dentist to Fleet in Hampshire, Time Dental want to give you an update for what’s happening in the coming weeks in Fleet. We feel its important to be part of the community and what better way than to give you a “What’s going on” guide….

On Friday 15th of Jan the Disco Skate Roller Disco is on at The Harlington in Fleet. It’s for all ages from 6pm- 9:30 pm. It’s a £6 entry fee which includes skate hire. Snack and refreshments also available on the evening.

Saturday 16th Jan at Gurkha Square car park on Fleet road is the Fleet Weekly Market. It’s open at 9 am, so don’t get there too late otherwise there’ll be nothing left! You can buy fruit and veg, meat, fish, plants, household goods and loads more.

In the evening on 16th Jan, The Harlington are hosting the popular Stand Up for Saturday Comedy Club. There are new guest stars every month get your tickets early as they sell out quickly. Doors open at 8pm and tickets are £12 in advance and £14 on the door if any remain!

Monday 18th Jan is the 8 week Mindfulness course. If you’ve not heard of mindfulness it’s a course that helps you improve your quality of life and well-being as well as help you to deal with daily challenges. It’s scientifically proven to help with anxiety, stress reduction , mild to moderate depression, concentration and focus.

Monday night is also Fleet Film Night at the Harlington. Admission is £6 and the film starts at 8 pm. The film on this Monday is The Rocket.

Tuesday 19th Jan at St John’s Church Centre is the popular Time Out for Parents- the early years. A parenting course covering key topics to help with Children aged 0-4. It’s a 6 week course  which is free.

That’s all for now. We’ll keep you posted for future events.

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New Year… New You!

January 7th, 2016

New year with Time Dental in Farnham, Surrey

Happy New year everybody! Most people are back to work and back to school and getting back to routine. To help you into the New Year we’ve got 5 great tips to get you into healthy dental fitness. Try these and see the difference it makes. Small changes to your lifestyle will make substantial long term benefits.

  1. Switch to an electric toothbrush. This will help more effectively brush the harmful plaque bacteria away than a manual toothbrush.
  2. Clean interdentally at least once a day. Either with tepe brushes, floss sticks, air flosser, or dental tape. Cleaning inbetween clears an additional 40% of the tooth surface.
  3. Try savoury snacks instead of sweet ones. This one can be a tricky one especially as sugar is so addictive. So if you like snacking on sweet things my advice is to gradually change your sweet snacks for savoury ones. So try changing one of your sweet snacks to something like, carrot sticks, homous, cheese scone, cracker biscuits, SOFT nuts, savoury muffins. Have a look online for some great ideas.
  4. Switch to artificial sweeteners or cut out your sugar from tea/coffee. You may need to wean yourself off this one. But once you make the final switch to no sugar in your tea/ coffee you will never go back! Whatever you do don’t switch to honey in your tea/coffee as that as bad for your teeth as normal sugar. Remember frequent sugar intake means high risk of tooth decay.
  5. Regularly visit your dentist and hygienist. We are here to help you. Guide you and advise you and be your support coach! We can spot things early and give you the correct preventative advice. Which means a healthier you!


Farnham date for the diary….. The Alpha course: 13th January

January 6th, 2016

Alpha at Weydon Christian Centre, Farnham, Surrey

Is there more to life than this? Why are we here? Is there a God? What’s the meaning of life?

Have any of these questions ever crossed your mind? Would you like to explore these questions? The Alpha course may be just the thing for you. 

The Alpha course is designed to help you explore these deep questions in a safe, open environment. It’s a 10 week course which helps you to explore the Christian faith in more depth. 

It’s being held at the Weydon Christian Centre in Farnham, Surrey starting on Wednesday the 13th January at 7:30pm. Come along for the Alpha supper for some food and a chance to meet other people looking to start the course. 

By the way the course is FREE!

This is what Bear Grylls, TV adventurer had to say about it….

I believe the Alpha Course touches lives. I have seen so many people find a personal relationship with God & a quiet strength in their life after doing the course – me included – and it takes a proud man to say he never needs any help. Alpha is a non pressured, and fun course, and it shows us how Christianity can be relevant and empowering to our lives. I’ve seen Alpha touch so many people over the years. I’ve seen it encourage people to find a very simple faith.



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Time Dental

December 25th, 2015

Merry Christmas from Time Dental in Farnham, Surrey


Merry Christmas everybody!



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